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Raw Foods in West Los Angeles

Posted by nickwellmaxwell at 12/20/2008

Hi everyone! I recently found out about Tia's Bakery in Marina del Rey. They actually deliver their desserts to you, can you believe it? (I think there's a minimum order, not sure). They have a fantastic dessert that my family and I just love called a Raw Naked Fruit Tart.
The search for great tasting raw foods for those of us who are on that path can be frustrating. And I wanted to share what we've found. We usually have the 11" tart a couple of time each month (my 18yr-old wolfs it down so fast we have to be quick).
If anyone has other recommendations please share wont ou?


johnnysensible12/21/2008 18:15:27

"Raw Naked Tart" - incredible -

Spread the word!

Every town needs a "Tia's".

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