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Please help to stop this unbeleivable anim

Posted by treehugger at 06/10/2008

2,000,000 cats and dogs are sadistically skinned alive every year in China for their fur and left to die slowly in shock and excruciating pain.


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Does contain upsetting graphic video footage


KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/2008 10:27:30
China is the worse place on Earth for animals. It's sickening.
treehugger at 06/21/2008 01:33:36
Yes it is. There is no governing body to take responsibility for animal welfare there - heck they don't even care about the humans there - but maybe it's better not to get me started on that....
SweetSativa at 09/16/2008 21:13:46
A few months ago i stumbled across an article about kittens being shoved inside glass jars and been fed and sold as pets like that. The place got shut down but The is one sick country when it comes to animal cruelty
Roseanna at 02/03/2009 23:56:20
Ever since I saw the video of the Chinese savagely killing dogs by choking them and pounding on their faces with their boots, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I cried for a week and still do if I think about it for too long. I want so badly to do something about it but I just don't know what. I just have the most trouble understanding how these people can have the heart to that

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