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Green Up Your Diet Class-Alameda CA (RAW)

Posted by ChefDina at 10/18/2008

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know about an upcoming class that I'm co-teaching next week in Alameda CA called "Green Up Your Diet". I'll be traveling to CA from Austin and hope to meet some of you there!

I've released over 115lbs following a predominantly raw and living foods diet with an emphasis on high-amounts of greens! I think no matter if you choose to eat cooked, raw, vegan, meat or whatever getting more greens especially the dark leafy greens and sea vegetables is key to long lasting health. Please visit my websites at to learn more about this upcoming class. Please pass this message along to anyone you think might be interested! I appreciate it!

Become a Greenivore!


tatiana10/20/2008 19:04:01
Looks great, wish I could afford it right now!

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