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Raw Foods on Food Network

Posted by tatiana at 01/21/2008

There is a show on Food Network titled \"Have Fork, Will Travel\". On yesterday's episode he went to Jamaica and the last person he interviewed discussed the raw diet and that it originated in Jamaica. He discussed a lot of their ideas about raw, like that the sun is already cooking the food as it is growing so there is not further need to cook the food. Then he made a killer looking pie! Yum! This is a quick explanation of the episode:,3180,FOOD_30217_53081,00.html

I hope they rerun it. Maybe it'll be on youtube. It was so awesome to see some raw on mainstream TV!


Ariel NYC
Ariel NYC03/16/2008 01:21:22
Good concept, about the sun--however, Jamaica's national dish is salt fish and ackee. Maybe that came about after the raw food diet originated in Jamaica, but ackee is poisonous unless it's cooked, which releases the toxins. There are enough roots, fuits, nuts, and vegetables like that to make it worth your while to study and memorize, and cook, if you want to eat them. Some cooking is good, if you don't want to forego the taste of ackee, etc.

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