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Homeopathic meds NOT vegan

Posted by kindlizard at 05/27/2009

There are 2 major homeopathic brands: Hylands and Boiron. Hylands uses lactose, not derived from beets, rather cows milk. Boiron sometimes uses lactose as well, not always. More alarmingly, I have learned that they derive some meds from things like Duck liver and heart! Beyond grossed out. The nux vomica is one, the oscillococcinum, a main flu remedy, are the ones I heard specifically from serious animal deaths. Gosh. I love herbs and thought homeopathy derived itself from herbs, but how wrong could I be. As a vegans we have to stick to herbs, which is fine. Elderberry and/or Osha Root and such are better anyhow, but it sucks to know the prominence of animal product in other meds...



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