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Superfood Drink for weight loss/high blood

Posted by mixelplik at 07/07/2008

looking for a superfood drink recipe...
thinking about hemp protein powder and spirulina for a good this advisable?

I need some ideas for a good recipe I can use everyday!

I have hypertension so I'm wondering if the spirulina would overpower my system, or would it be a good thing?


auungbong07/07/2008 18:15:31
I used to mix in the algae Spirulina all the time, and I really didnt see the difference. It just tasted gross.... but i mean each indvidual and their bodies are totally diff from one another. But the best thing for weight loss, as far as I know, smoothies and maybe a solid food that has lots of water in it prefferably celery. I heard Hemp protein powder is excellent to repair and maitain a good body weight too hope it helps?
mixelplik07/09/2008 10:27:57
Wow, thank you!
jackalan99603/14/2012 02:54:27
Weight can by reduce by drinking water or like as similar items. Doing exercise regularly it most better for weight loss.
high blood pressure is harmful for health and it cause of heart attack. Fruits and vegetables are most beneficial to control blood pressure in natural way. Use waster mostly about 8 to 10 glasses. it burn fat and reduce weight quickly...
louis03/14/2012 16:55:43
Here's what I have: half a cup of oats, 4 tablespoons Manitoba Harvest 70% hemp protein powder, one banana, teaspoon cocoa, tablespoon peanut butter.add around 220 ml water, more or less for desired consistency and blend. You can omit the banana if you don't like it sweet or try other fruits like berries.

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