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Increasing Iron and Iron Absorption?

Althea Randolf
Posted by Althea Randolf at 05/11/2007

I'm a Vegan who's looking to change my diet to include more iron-rich and iron-absorbing enhancer foods in daily meals, as I get anemic often. Any tips?


scout05/21/2007 13:31:04
Check out these links:

You can also get:

scout05/21/2007 13:32:30
I also noticed that veganessentials carries VeganIron.
sabaidi06/04/2007 21:56:55

Iron cannot be absorbed without Copper. Involved in protein metabolism, in healing processes and in keeping hair's natural color. Their sources are the same as Iron. Also almonds, peas, beans, green leafy vegetables, whole grain products, prunes, raisins.

This information is from Sabaidi Tea's Health Blog,

I hope it helps !!
The Veggie Cook
The Veggie Cook07/31/2007 00:09:41
My mom tells to me to take the juice of Lemon with food or drink to help the body absorb vital minerals.
toxiegirll09/26/2007 06:29:03
silk soy milk has iron enriched milk now:)
stevie09/26/2007 15:36:15
Hi Althea,

Is this useful?

Keep well,

stevie09/26/2007 15:45:42
Hi again,

I should have mentioned also.

Don't take my word on this as I am no nutritionist but my recollection is as follows; a few years back my niece (non veggie) was diagnoses as anemic. She was advised to avoid spinach since spinach contains components that block iron absorption. For the reason I gave above I'm not suggesting that you take what I am saying as gospel, merely that you may wish to check out elsewhere if it is factual.

Keep well,
peasonearth11/06/2007 11:31:45
On this subject, can anybody tell me how you can tell if you are anemic, besides getting a blood test done? What are the symptoms? I am vegan, and I used to eat a lot of raw veggies, but now live in a place where I will end up with a tapeworm or other parasites if I don't cook my vegetables. I haven't been taking iron supplements and wonder if it affects me. Thanks!
tatiana11/06/2007 13:18:46
peasonearth - cooking foods does not strip them of their iron content, no worries there. Also, eating iron rich foods with vitamin C rich foods (example: spinach with oranges) helps to increase absorption. Some signs and symptoms of anemia are: weakness, pale skin (including if you look inside your eyelids and inside your lip if they are pale instead of a bright pink/red), dizziness, fast heartbeat, spooned nails, headaches, and chest pain. That is not all of them but that includes most of the big ones. They are also indicative of various levels of anemia, like you might start getting weak first but not ever see spooned nails as they are a sign of more severe anemia. If you suspect you are anemic, it is very important to check with your doctor to find out if you have it, and very importantly, which kind you have. The two most common food deficiency anemias in vegans are iron deficiency anemia and pernicious anemia (B12 deficiency). You can also get anemia from low folate (which is sometimes mixed up with B12 as they work together in the body). So you want to make sure you are correctly diagnosed so you fix the right problem. There are also other anemias but not that are particularly related to vegetarianism in particular.

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