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New to Veganism and been getting cramping

Posted by juliacatherine at 02/25/2008

Im new to being vegan (not even a week yet) Its been very easy to give up meat and dairy actually but i keep getting neck cramps at night for the past 2 days. Any idea of what i might be missing from things like dairy that i need to replace? I was never much of a meat eater.


juliacatherine02/25/2008 08:54:30
Anyone else have this happen to them?
tatiana02/25/2008 13:46:40
Some people get cramping (in general) when they are lacking in some electrolytes. It's hard to say as I don't know exactly how you are eating but you may want to make sure you diet is balanced (I'd suggest going to see a dietitian and check in with your doctor) and possibly start a vegan multivitamin with mineral in the meantime.
peanut02/26/2008 00:46:10
maybe more potassium? try eating bananas or dried apricots.?? like tatiana said, don't know what u r eating. do you drink coffee? do you drink enough h2o?
juliacatherine02/26/2008 06:23:14
I have been trying to hit all foods. Beans, fruits, vegetables even a bit of soy (soymilk and tofu) I dont drink coffee, i drink teas (mainly green) I have increased my water intake to a full 64 oz a day. From probably only 40oz. That could be it maybe. I also have always taken b complex with a bit of C.

Yesterday i switched waters to a water with 'minerals' and no neck cramping last night. Although i did have my bf rub it a bit so that could have helped. It feels a bit tight so im thinking it could just be stress. I dont know. If it keeps up i will look into seeing a dietitian.
Katylynn200005/08/2008 07:53:34
How is the cramping going?
KellyVeganGirl06/18/2008 19:50:33
Not getting enough calcium, potassium, and magnesiun can cause cramping.

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