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Vegan Skincare and Cosmetics

Posted by mretsky at 08/19/2014

I think the easy way (and probably the only way) to transition into vegetarian is to gradually find comparable vegetarian alternatives to foods and every day products.

I opened a kickstarter to start an affordable vegan, handmade, and organic skincare and cosmetics company. I have a few products, but I would love to get a full range of products to put out. To help, please visit this link. If you can't donate, please share!


mretsky08/19/2014 19:28:01
Also, if anyone has any constructive criticism, I would be more than happy to listen. :D

Thank you
Helen Woodard
Helen Woodard10/20/2014 13:28:05
Switch from chemical based cosmetics to natural organic skin care.
The biggest advantage of switching this way is that you can make sure that you are not losing your health for the cause of short term beauty.
Andy.R11/20/2014 20:50:45
The best to way find it on the website PETA's website for a list of animal-friendly companies - not just for clothing but also cosmetics and skin care.
Check whole foods market stores carry a wide variety of vegan hair products, skincare & cosmetics.

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