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Binge Eating

Posted by JckLyzz at 06/20/2014

Hi! As the title suggests, I've been developing that problem for almost 8 months now after I've become vegetarian or semi vegan now. I wonder why that happened since I never had any eating problems before. I can still maintain my weight and health by following raw foodism this far, but I can go back to vegetarianism because of binging. Does anyone have tips to break free from this? Thanks in advance.


ahimsa32fa06/20/2014 05:30:08
Binge eating is not good no matter what one eats.

It's a problem for many in today's world, largely because we are bombarded with the advertising of food around the clock.

The answer of course is self-discipline. Many eat out of boredom, - so one needs work, hobbies, etc.

One successful method to fight binging is to have a glass of water when you fell the urge. It will generally put off any cravings for a while.

JckLyzz06/20/2014 05:49:25
Thanks for your advice.
Chaveggie07/16/2014 19:35:04
Sometimes this happens because you were used to the standard American diet beforehand. I remember when I made the transition over 3 years ago that i had that craving to eat eat eat. Once your palette changes over time the cravings may end. But having distractions around are good...I like eat bananas. They have no fat and are tasted. Good luck!
The Hammer
The Hammer07/16/2014 23:33:56
Binge eating after chaning could be because your new veg diet lacks some nutrient and your body goes crazy to look for it. Try new foods and new ingredients.
AndyT07/17/2014 02:20:55
I think it depends on what you eat.

If you binge eat on Japanese cucumbers, it might be pretty harmless. Potato chips, not so much.

So what are the foods that you binge eat on? Maybe this gives some indication what you are craving for and what might be possible substitutes.

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