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Good Diet To Follow?

Posted by GarrettHnatiuk at 06/04/2014

Hello, I really want to look for a great healthy flexible diet plan to fit my lifestyle, I’m going on vacation in about a 30 days and i really want to lose some weight. Does anybody know of a good diet that’s not in order to hard to follow? I work out regarding 4 days a week and often more if i can find time, please let me know! Thank You!!


The Hammer
The Hammer06/04/2014 23:39:02
I don't want to be negative but honesty forces me to tell you that your motivation for a diet seems shallow and weak to me.

ANY diet requires strenght and sacrifices, there is not a "not hard to follow" serious diet.

I suggest to look at undercover videos on Youtube it might make you so much more motivated and give you strengt to start and continue a vegan diet.

good luck.

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