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Joint pain?

Posted by Veryberri2 at 05/04/2014

I started a Vegan diet about 20day ago and now I am experiencing joint pain. I didn't increase my activity level and I have not changed my daily routine. It mainly in my hands and my knees, advil doesnt seem to do anything for me. I do have some relief with activity but my question really is am I am missing something in my diet that would cause this? Should i be adding a supplement? I have been finding nothing but negative reviews on the diet and not a lot of help.


GarrettHnatiuk06/08/2014 21:56:51
I think going to doctor could be good thing. It could be a variety of things resulting in the pain from arthritis in order to inflammation or a nerve issue. Stress is a major reason in a knot in the throat area also.
ahimsa32fa06/09/2014 05:47:18

When converting to a vegan diet, one is implementing a cleansing process that may cause discomfort as toxins are released from body tissues.

There are definitely many websites that attack the vegan diet. They are typically created by the meat and dairy industries and have been for decades.

There are also countless sites offering the facts that back up the value of a vegan diet...but it may take a few minutes to find them as the food industry has flooded the Internet with propaganda. is one of the best...
Nogd07/06/2014 20:36:32
Deva makes a plant based glucosamine, MSM , chondroitin supplement that works somewhat for my knees.
Laylah08/10/2014 05:57:25
Consult a vegan/vegetarian friendly doctor, it would be hard to get any legitimate advice on a forum like this, every case is different....

I've also been suffering from a recurrent knee joint injury for the last one year and a half. It was probably caused by my too avid attitude to running and overtraining at that time. It's better now, but does it have anything to do with my diet? I doubt it. My orthopaedist found a clear link between the strain and my running. Moreover, my dad also suffers from similar knee pains and he eats loads of meat every day... But as I said, every case is different. Good luck Veryberri2 :)
ahimsa32fa08/10/2014 08:52:57
Now that I'm in my '70s, I experience some joint pain despite my vegan's from inadequate exercise.

I use a product called "Triflora" which helps a lot, and also aloe gel mixed with goldenseal powder.

Turmeric is a seasoning herb that is quite good for inflammation as well.
StephenS08/10/2014 11:16:09
I agree with the "expelling of toxins" idea in the initial stage of going Vegan (up to 6 months depending on your previous lifestyle). I also agree that we can often get "achy" from lack of activity as well as excess activity.
But, let's face it - our bodies get wear and tear. I've found that for me, one of the best methods of keeping off aches in the body and joints, as well as headaches - is a simple, and often overlooked cure; Hydration!
Make sure you are getting an excess of water. Don't supplement with juice or other drinks - but cool, clear water (80+ ounces a day). If you must have some flavor, make 20 or less ounces of your daily intake out of herbal tea (hot or cold). I don't want to get too graphic or crude here - but every time you pee your urine should be clear (like water). Any discoloration means you are not fully hydrated.
Finally, if your joint pain is activity related, try an herbal creme or salve, or make yourself a poultice from whole or crushed leaves either directly applied or wrapped in a sanitary outerlay - like cotton, paper towel or muslin/cheesecloth. Use Arnica and Comfrey. The Arnica works specifically on the muscles and tendons, the Comfrey works on the bones and joints. The two together are a full inner massage!
ahimsa32fa08/13/2014 04:48:50

Why limit our educational resources to doctors? Even vegan doctors?

I'm not a doctor, but my first book was endorsed by a rather famous vegan doctor. Does that help any?
rahul263010/08/2014 22:47:29
But as oppose o you, I am so grateful to be able to skate and dance again that I transition to a vegan diet. I hope it can work for you too!
Or may be this not suitable for your body.
J and J
J and J10/21/2014 13:31:21
It might be detoxing symptoms. Give it time. Also, for me becoming vegan did not cure my headaches and other inflammation, although it improved them. It was going oil-free PLUS VEGAN that really made all the difference in the world. Animal products and oil are both very inflaming. Give it a try...
Helen Woodard
Helen Woodard10/28/2014 18:47:54
Have you tried Turmeric & Ginger Tea ?

Turmeric and ginger are both anti-inflammatorys, and will help in joint pain.
Tank24210/29/2014 10:20:32
I see you assume that the reason for your problems is your new lifestyle. Therefore I recommend to analyze your new eating habits and compare them with an optimal vegan diet (eg. "the ph-miracle"), as veg*n does not mean healthy...
Then decide about the cure!
Keep it up and all the best!
Andy.R11/20/2014 21:02:54
If you don't get enough diet or take supplementary vitamins than your risk is high from dietry deffficiencies. It could be the reason of joint pain Some vegan food are responsible for joint pain tomatoes is one of them.

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