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Stomach issues since vegetarianism

Posted by LukaThalius at 03/20/2014

Hey there! I started going vegetarian for a project for Environmental Science class, and lately I've noticed that my stomach has been cramping on and off. It will go from mild to severe cramping. My doctor said it's because I'm overweight. I thought it was because of coffee, so I nixed the coffee. It still happens. Could someone please give me advice for what to do?


savetheanimals03/20/2014 18:45:50
Eat a high carb vegan diet. When you went vegetarian you most likely are substituting all the murder (meat) by eating more other animal products. All animal products are unhealthy for you.
ahimsa32fa03/21/2014 06:23:07
Nutrition is extremely important, but no more important than physical exercise when it comes to health.

You will likely lose weight on a (healthy)vegan diet, and during this process, the toxins stored in fatty tissue may cause temporary problems as they are being eliminated from the body.
AndyT03/21/2014 22:28:14
Hello luka,

Sorry to hear about your challenges. To give any meaningful advice you would have to tell us what you eat now.

JonPol03/24/2014 03:24:00
I think it could be a number of things. The best thing to do would be to eliminate all the things that are problematic for people, like soy, wheat and maybe nuts. Pay attention to your body when you eat certain things. If your eating allot of processed food that could be the problem. Id check out a good doctor that prescribes a good vegetarian diet therapeutically. Like Dr Fuhrman or Dr McDougall, you can buy there books off amazon
Laylah03/25/2014 11:38:58
It was completely opposite in my case - I used to get stomach aches when I was a meat eater and all the problems stopped after I turned vegetarian...

Hope you'll get well soon, good luck LukaThalius :)
GarrettHnatiuk06/09/2014 21:44:48
It must be something you are eating new or more of. For instance...eating more veggies when you are unfamiliar with it, can cause discomfort. Such changes wouldn't happen so quickly anyhow.
tina x
tina x06/12/2014 06:30:41
Try to savor each bite, slowing down to make sure you're chewing is thorough. This will help quite a bit. You might also consider taking a vegan digestive enzyme. If you can, wait about 30 minutes after your meal to drink liquids, if other than water. If you want to sip water or tea during the meal, it's fine. Certain people have sensitivity to soy. If you are drinking soy milk, or eating lots of tofu, see what happens when you reduce the amounts. Generally, ginger root and fermented foods are excellent for digestion, so if you like tempeh, vegan kim chee, and yogurt (even vegan yogurts have healthy bacteria), then you might want to add these foods to your diet.
DunkiesandDimeys06/18/2014 12:15:59
Calcium supplements really helped me with cramping issues. I thought I was getting tons of calcium, but maybe my body needs more or something.
It can also be due to consuming lots of fiber. If that is the case then your body should adjust after a while.
I highly doubt it has anything to do with your weight. Anymore, doctors will blame anything on weight. Maybe you should try to see another doctor if your issue doesn't resolve soon.
I'm sorry to hear about your cramping issue. I hope you feel better soon.

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