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ED & arthritis/epic joint pain..

Posted by CharleyMiles at 01/18/2014

apologies if there be another thread for this i am new here :-)
any one have problems with arthritis/joint pains on fruitarian diet & how / what can be done to allieviate pain? i am sufferin really bad now. have just today bought some hemp oil & plan to incorporate that. i have been oil free for nearly a year now . I am in ED recovery so adding oil has not been an option until now that i realise i have probably really damaged my body . i am only 32 my joints in my hands are like that of an old woman. i struggle at work now its very depressing! i kno i need to consume more oil/fats but with an ED history this is very hard.anyone else in this boat????????????


haldemoss02/13/2014 04:28:22
I am a sportsperson and I usually suffer from knee or joint pain.This occurs because the cartilage located between you joints were torn down.My doctor recommend me to take a treatment and it really gives me instant relief.
GarrettHnatiuk04/09/2014 00:10:33
Unfortunately, it cannot be cured for arthritis. Instead, your physician will likely concentrate on treatments to keep the arthritis from getting worse, in addition to helping reduce discomfort and pain.

One thing you are able to focus on, apart from getting some regular low impact exercise and the right diet, that will help together with your arthritis would be to learn how to accept arthritis. This is actually the process of identifying what areas of your life are created difficult by arthritis after which brainstorming methods for making these tasks easier. Often, between diet, exercise, and coping with arthritis, the condition can be largely managed, but there's no cure.

When it comes to symptoms, it's quite common to experience pain, joint swelling, and inflammation, but there's also other symptoms of arthritis, for example hunger, fatigue, and eye problems, which occur and frequently seem "unrelated" to arthritis.

When it comes to blood tests, there are a variety of tests which are used to help diagnose arthritis, but there's no single one that will definitively tall for those who have arthritis or otherwise. Instead, doctors often make use of a combination of blood tests and patient symptoms, in addition to eliminating other diseases which are easier to test for, when diagnosing arthritis.
ahimsa32fa04/09/2014 11:13:32
Though I'm a vegan, I have developed some arthritis in recent years, partly due to some injuries many years ago.

Tai Chai can be very helpful, and I also use homeopathic ointments like Triflora and Arniflora that often work well for joint pain. Even Aloe gel is helpful (as it is for almost any complaint!)

A search for "natural pain relief" will bring up many herbal remedies that are ingested as well.
GarrettHnatiuk06/19/2014 21:51:48
Nowadays For many men, though, ED has become a big problem. Diabetes, hypertension, or clogged arteries can help to eliminate blood flow to the penis. ED may also be caused by physical blockages.

Don't worry ED is totally curable with help of drugs like kamagra oral jelly. If you are experiencing issues with ED, it doesn’t mean you’re getting “old” - consider it your body signaling for a change!

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vegan200509/30/2014 14:37:45
Arthritis/joint pain is usually a problem connected with opportunistic microorganisms in your body, or shortage of minerals.
When I experience some pain, it's a sign to me that I shall go to a very hot steam-room more frequently and/or increase the amount of whole grains that I eat.
If you don't have an excess to a steam-room somewhere around, you can change it for hot (up to 106F) water or mineralized water bath. It's impossible to take a very hot bath unless you warm water up gradually from your body temperature. The good sign that it's enough and you did it right is an intensive sweet on your forehead. Take it every day before going to bed for e week. Epson salt is a good mineral addition to the bath.
Whole grains may be taken both sprouted (preferable), or boiled on a slow fire, or steamed. Red rice is a good supply of minerals. Other grains are also nice. I love them.

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