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“Animal Welfare Approved” Beef!

Posted by Cascadian at 05/18/2014

Dark humor. If only this was just a joke...

Every single day *millions* of individuals, millions of PEOPLE whose sole crime was being unfortunate enough to not have been born human are *murdered* after having first been enslaved, tortured, raped.

There is no excuse for this. It isn't about survival or necessity.

While we may not be able to make all of this horror and injustice stop right away, *all* of us can immediately take major steps towards righting these wrongs.

To start: Go Vegan Now.

Animal Liberation is the only "humane" option.,30983/


The Hammer
The Hammer at 08/03/2014 00:43:34

That is just simply great advice that you give

"Go Vegan Now."

Especially to give such an advice on a veg for me, i follow your advice and will eat vegan FROM NOW ON!!

Thanks buddy, and let me return the favor and give you also some advice; Go urge people on NON VEG forums to "Go Vegan".

Advicing people to go veg on a veg forum is like a preacher urging his flock of sheep in the curch to go believe in Jezus. It is like, DUH.
ahimsa32fa at 08/03/2014 07:21:46

Cascadian may well be posting on other sites, as I do daily.

But remember, please, that non-vegans also visit this site.
12345678 at 09/16/2014 03:30:50
'Getting humans to care about non-humans is a challenge because of the illusion of human "superiority"'

Millions are murdered, and a lot of them not by humans. Other sentient animals kill sentient animals. Is the vegan response typically "well, they don't know any better - they don't have morals like us. We know that it is wrong, but they don't know that it is wrong."?

If I'm wrong, correct me. But doesn't that have a superiority ring to it?

PS I'm not trolling.
ahimsa32fa at 09/18/2014 08:09:18

Some animals kill other animals out of's called "the balance of nature".

Only humans regularly cause the death of virtually every sentient being on the planet.

Most humans have little need to kill other animals...a rather important distinction, I would think. Humans kill for fun and profit.

I don't buy into the myth of human superiority, and my studies tell me that the concept of superiority is at the root of all our problems.
ahimsa32fa at 05/19/2014 05:23:31
Thanks Cascadian -

Getting humans to care about non-humans is a challenge because of the illusion of human "superiority" (The First ISM), which has been reinforced for millennia by most religions...
TofuMadness at 06/21/2014 01:05:05
I would love to invite friends over for dinner and tell them I'm serving dolphin steaks, just to see their reaction...then ask them to logically explain why it's ok to slaughter cows and pigs and not dolphins or puppies. You sort of have to hit them in the head with their own ridiculous logic.

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