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ban the use of hexane in food products!

Posted by piratexchicx13 at 06/12/2011


jive06/17/2011 15:56:53
hexane is basicly gasoline. and companies like morning star use it instead of propane like they should
Chia06/21/2011 10:40:33
It was only months ago that I had read about the use of HEXANE to isolate, process, and make soy protein products that so many of us vegetarians and vegans eat without questioning. I was quite shocked and appalled.

Soy protein products are always marketed as "healthy" and "healthier" - but now that is simply NOT true if companies are using hexane!

Common examples of soy protein products include: veggie patties, veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, energy bars...

Here's a link to Cornucopia Institute for more info hexane in food products:

Here's a link to see which companies have banned hexane from their products:

Tips: The use of hexane is banned in ORGANIC food, so you could buy as much organic as possible when it comes to soy protein products.

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