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Red Yeast Rice

Posted by sarah64 at 07/05/2009

I am starting to hear lots about this. Anyone had any experience of it?


lisamoshop07/07/2009 10:00:25
For what? If it's for cholesterol reduction be aware that the FDA made it illegal for Red Yeast Rice extract sold in stores to contain lovastatin, the naturally occuring statin found on the yeast because of patent laws.
Jeffrey09/08/2009 19:33:25
I am in Taiwan right now, and it is the latest health-craze to hit the country. It has been used in China for a long, long time, but now it is being marketed as something called "Anka", and sold as "Anka Buiscuits". Millions of people are devouring these crackers that contain the red yeast rice (including my in-laws) but I seem to be the only one here who can take a look at the ingredients list (loads of butter and oil) and know that any possible benefit is countered and then some by the full day's worth of saturated fats in these red biscuits.
I think I saw an Anka drink the other day too, btw.

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