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'Update Review' Option

Posted by SynthVegan at 01/25/2010

I was thinking an 'Update Review' option would be a very useful thing to add to previous reviews. As I frequent restaurants my opinion may change about them. If I change my mind about a place I generally delete the prior review then post a new one. Not only is this process cumbersome, I feel that it's less useful. I feel that having the prior review along with the original review could be very useful, as we can see how HC members opinions change about establishments over time. What do you think Webmaster (and everyone else)?


kindlizard01/25/2010 22:57:50
I second that. I try to update when I can. I think it would be easiest to edit rather than lock in the original. That goes of a place gets better as well as if it crashes out.

good call
JohnnySensible01/26/2010 18:56:19
Very good idea.

The present system of having to delete the original Review & then find the restaurant again is time consuming.

Ideally the 'date' shown for updated Review would need to change also to the new date!
SynthVegan02/02/2010 19:57:41
Do you guys think that it would be useful to have the old review below too? A good example of this that I've seen is Yelp. If you re-review a place they post the new review and the old one is linked below it. Either way, I think that way or just adding a button to update reviews would be helpful.
webmaster02/03/2010 15:14:34
Hi Guys,

I agree that the system could work a little better, although I'm not sure that adding a second revised review attached to the first is the best option- since I think it might add clutter.
The idea of being able to edit your reviews should be fairly easy to add and I'll work on it soon.
For the meanwhile, I've just added a link from the page you end up after deleting a review directly to the place where you add a new review to make things a little easier.
Thanks for your ideas & feedback.

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