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new famous vegetarian

Posted by animalsrule at 01/13/2010

I have discovered a new FV: Dr. Richard Bartlett
Founder of Matrix Energetics.


kindlizard01/13/2010 23:45:59
not famous if you have to tell me who he is... but... no offense or anything
animalsrule01/14/2010 08:46:42
I completely understand.
kindlizard01/14/2010 15:27:48
are you saying he's a new vegetarian, or he's newly famous.

he isn't famous, and a bit odd that you would post a link to his bio. super hippie quack... are you a fan of his?

glad he doesn't eat animals though.
Bob__h01/14/2010 18:15:05
Isn't that kind of rude-i am not trying to start a argument.

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