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Posted by animalsrule at 01/04/2010

what happened to the group home page?


webmaster01/04/2010 21:42:04
Hi animalsrule-

We had to consolidate, sorry you weren't notified. There has been little activity in some of the groups and they were removed. Others were duplicates and overlapped so we had to choose between them. Please continue to be active and also let us know if you have any suggestions to make the groups section better.
- Thanks
animalsrule01/05/2010 15:18:37
Then if my group was deleted, how come i was sent an email saying that someone joined my group?
webmaster01/05/2010 16:05:15
That's weird, which group is that?
animalsrule01/05/2010 16:49:56
A place for animal donors.
webmaster01/06/2010 09:51:14
Hmmm, that group is gone. It was very similar to
If you continue to receive any emails from the animal donors group, please forward them to me.
I hope you will have an active role in the Animal Lovers group. Thanks.

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