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suggestion: make a new icon for food cart

Posted by kindlizard at 08/31/2009

As you seem to be adding a lot more food carts recently, it seems a good idea to come up w an icon distinguishing them as such. I suggest a cart w veggies in it. i think it would be helpful bc often many of us when wanting to go out want to dine in, and the icon would help us not search through those that are food carts. I don't mind them being listed or anything, I just think it'd be helpful to distinguish.

Also while I'm at it, I think an icon for top ten places within a review is still a good idea.

I really like the website and think the reviews are great, thanks for doing it.


webmaster08/31/2009 11:52:56
Hi KL,

Thanks for the ideas. We don't list a whole lot of food carts, but an icon is not a bad idea.
The top 10 icon would be cool. I'll add it to the to-do list.
kindlizard09/01/2009 15:45:15
I guess I was coming across more in Portland so it seemed like a lot. Perhaps it is isolated to Pdx and nowhere else; which is a pleasant dilemma.
Thanks again.

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