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Oprah talking about FActory Farming Now

Posted by mothersson2002 at 10/14/2008

Right now on Tues oct !4 Oprahs talking about factory farming.


Tatiana at 10/14/2008 14:02:23
webmaster posted a blog a few days ago about it here:
eric at 10/15/2008 08:54:47
Did anyone see this? What did you think?

I thought they didn't get too graphic and the commercial farms they visited where exceptional examples. I guessing none of the 'normal' factory farms would let them in... and if so they should have showed that.

I sure hope Prop 2 passes, but even if it does, it won't take effect fully till 2016... :-(
Tatiana at 10/15/2008 12:34:24
I definitely saw this. Oprah is always really big on being fair and letting both sides have a chance, so I'm not surprised on the "cleanliness" and whatnot of the commercial farms (although, when you know more about animal cruelty, you could still easily spot things, like the one sow who was biting the bars of her cage). You could still tell how Oprah and Lisa felt about it and there was a little slant, so that made me feel good. I also like how they tied it all into Prop 2 to help Californians have a better understanding of what they are voting on. I also liked how some of the anti prop 2 people did a great job of putting their foot in their mouth. I was kinda disheartened that they didn't even offer vegetarianism as an option. In fact, they kept saying "this isn't about veganism or vegetarianism", so the overall feeling of the program was to choose free range as opposed to commercial. I understand they don't want to be radical or alienate anyone, but I think it would have been completely appropriate to at least offer the veg option. Because those piglets sure were cute and those free roaming calves nursing on their mothers sure were cute...but they are still gonna be someone's dinner.
GINGERLKS at 10/17/2008 17:00:48
I watched it and I was's what I posted on her message board

once again, you have succeeded in promoting cruelty to animals by your totally biased, one sided show on Oct 14th. It was an insult and a slap in the face to me and millions of other vegan/vegetariens like me.

How dare you ignore the views [& life styles] of people like Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Alice Walker, Dick Gregory, Sir Paul McCartney, Ellen Degeneres.....just to name a few......all vegetarians, who choose to practice what they preach, it's as if these people don't even exist
in "your" world of animal eaters.

But I'm not surprised. After all you devoted a whole show a few years ago to buying, rather then adopting, dogs and the only way people got you to do a show on the horrors of puppy mills was to spend TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on a bill board to embarrass you into it.

PLEASE.....PLEASE......Leave the animals alone. With "friends" like you...they sure don't need any enemies.

[and incidentally, two days later, she had Billy Jean King &
Gloria Steinem on as guests....again, both vegetarians]
It's like she's living back in the last can she be so blind?
gr8vegan at 10/17/2008 19:36:31

Here's a good write up about it, too.
mothersson2002 at 10/23/2008 15:58:18
I do think shes ahead of many. At least shes taking a tiny step toward think about animal rights in supporting freerange farms in stead of animals being enclosed in a cage where they cant even move for the near entirety of their existence.

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