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Is HappyCow going into overdrive?

Posted by johnnysensible at 03/02/2008

Mr. Webmaster Eric,

I have a note that - on May 16th, 2007 - when I joined HappyCow there were 1,840 Members registered.

Today we have just passed 5,520.

That is a 200% increase in less than 10 months - or an average increase of more than 11.5% per month (compound growth).


"Happier Cow's" - so many plants being eaten! - as people / businesses work to get over their addiction to "cruel dairy" the cows will become happier still!

Let's have a celebratory lunch today in "Long Man Lou" in Kowloon - a big "thank you" from me to whomever submitted it!




tatiana03/03/2008 13:53:16
Hooray! I joined in July 2007, and it's so great to see so many others are coming on board!

Also I love all the new additions to the site, you guys are doing an awesome job keeping these boards interesting!
webmaster03/04/2008 00:21:36
Thanks Guys!

It's all because of you... :-)

Lots more in the works, releasing soon.
johnnysensible03/14/2008 23:17:10
3 Suggestions / thoughts for Mr. Webmaster Eric -
1. The Google Ad's which appear on HappyCow now are very often quite irrelevant.

I suggest that it is now time to enthusiastically invite many, many more animal friendly companies to promote their products / services on

This will generate some money / employ some people / "spread the word" further afield.
2. As well as "Friend" status for businesses introduce annual "Friend" membership also - perhaps with 6 contribution levels of US$ 108 / 54 / 36 / 27 / 18 & "any amount". Many people really like to be asked to contribute $ to good projects.
3. Share more info. about HappyCow - post the accounts / financial information however "grim" it is to read.
JohnnySensible08/03/2010 02:17:36
Mr. Eric,

I took an hour out & had a good look through the site today.

I still think that the 2nd suggestion that I made 2+ years ago about an optional 'annual "Friend" membership' - above - is a good one.

Also the 3rd one.

Will PM / email you about other 'tweaks'.


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