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Suggestion on Search Function

Althea Randolf
Posted by Althea Randolf at 05/08/2007

I just wanted to suggest having a members search function by location. Unless there is, and I haven't found it yet. o.O


webmaster05/08/2007 16:44:55
Hi Althea,
Thanks for the suggestion. There are a couple ways to do that:
1) you visit the member list, and browse by location...
2) You can type a location in the search box at the bottom of the member's list page. However, it will also include results of members who have listed favorites and reviews in that city as well.
In the near future we'll be working to improve the search feature.
Stef4267806/25/2007 01:29:37
I have found the search really helpful for finding just the place I need in the area I am looking for.

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