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"Stat's" page - natural growth -

Posted by johnnysensible at 08/26/2007

Thank you for the new "Stat's" page Mr. Eric - It is inspiring to see new vegan eating places opening daily / getting listed / being updated / receiving reviews. is growing so quickly & without any artificial growth hormones!


webmaster08/27/2007 11:19:29
Mr. Johnny,
Thank you for noticing!
Things sure have been moving along this year- it's very amazing, and yes, steroid-free.
Thanks again to you and to all the active HappyCow members out there.

Keep the suggestions flowing.
synthvegan11/27/2007 15:44:29
I also like the Stat's page. This is the only forum I've ever been a member of, but have noticed that other forums have a "total posts" number next to member's names. Is this possible to do on Happycow? I just think it would be nice to know who contributes regularly to the site. If there is a reason why you don't do it, I'm curious as to why not… Thank you for all of your hard work on Happycow!!! I love this website!
webmaster11/27/2007 19:56:30
Hi Synthebm,

Thanks for the message. We're working on it. Hope to be updating the forum soon.
stig11/29/2007 02:43:56
I would really like to see most of what appears now in the Forum posted in a blog format - as "Articles & then "Comments" - you can then have quality veg*n Ad's also - that would surely attract many advertizers / generate revenue for HappyCow!

There is relevant "news" being written each day to have a great HappyCow blog.

A section can be specially for questions & responses.
synthvegan12/03/2007 10:18:38
Hey "webmaster" thanks for letting me know about the future forum update. I also got to thinking, I'm not always able to log on and check out what's going on in the forums. The list of recent posts is short, is there any way to expand it? I just end up missing some posts at times. Thanks again! And thanks for running this site!!!
webmaster12/03/2007 23:06:10
Thanks for the point SynthEBM,

You can now see the last 25 posts on the stats page, here:
synthvegan12/04/2007 10:17:51
Webmaster: Thanks for letting me know! I realized that not too long after I posted that message [although, I'd like to see more, but understand why it wouldn't be fully possible]. I guess there are three ways to look at recent posts. I probably should've looked a little harder before posting that!!! LOL! I'm always trying to keep up with what's being said on the forum though. There are a lot of good/interesting people on here!
johnnysensible09/21/2008 21:52:05
When I joined HappyCow 16 months ago I remember that there were approx. 1,800 Members.

12.50 Hong Kong Time - I just noticed this - "9000 HappyCow Members".

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