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Calling All Experts

Posted by webmaster at 07/21/2007

Hi Everyone,

If you are especially knowlegable about a field or topic related to vegetarianism and veganism and would like to write an article to be published on HappyCow, please email us. Related topics may be anything about vegetarian health, vegan diet, nutrition, healthy foods, animal rights, raw food diet, home gardening, organic gardening, vegetarian nutrition for pets, arguments for a vegetarian diet, vegetarian philosophy, travel tips about a major city or country, etc...
HappyCow will link to your website or blog from any accepted articles you write.
To begin, use the "Contact Us" buttom at the top of this page.


webmaster -eric


Longdrive12/29/2012 17:21:54
Eric: I am not intending to be facetious but vegetarianism is, in the main, a non-subject and so any 'expertise' is arguably ill founded. If one accepts the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of 'vegetarianism' as being 'a person who abstains from animal food, esp. one who avoids meat but will consume eggs and dairy products and sometimes also fish,' what please of substance makes a vegetarian diet more challenging than that of a carnivore? I appreciate that the reason for your post has well passed, but nevertheless your presumption still remains a valid, but contentious, point. P.S. I have met many who eat white meat who also claim to be vegetarian!

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