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Party for the Animals (Netherlands)

Posted by Marco at 12/13/2007

Animal rights in the Netherlands have a voice in parliament: the "Partij voor de Dieren" (Party for the Animals) first entered the "Tweede Kamer" (House of Representatives) with two seats (of 150) after the November 2006 national elections. As a result of the provincial elections in March 2007 they also succeeded in getting one senator elected in the "Eerste Kamer" (the Senate, with 75 seats). If yo go to the party website you can read some information in English, the other pages are in Dutch.


Marco at 12/18/2007 15:56:23
I forgot to mention the minor detail that prompted me to post this topic: the party symbol is a happy cow.
Tatiana at 12/18/2007 16:49:50
Super cool!
TheReggaeStylee at 05/01/2008 08:02:17
That's pretty neat

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