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Regional Editors - a very good idea -

Posted by johnnysensible at 06/19/2007

Eric thank you for your email - yes I fully agree that having an informal /​ formal group of active Regional Editors will really help to keep the listings on HappyCow more up to date - "chefmoz" have 2,600+ volunteer editors to update /​ list in their restaurant directory. OK - my offer - until further notice /​ death /​ insanity I will work on Hong Kong SAR & Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. For other provinces /​ areas of Viet Nam I will ask friends around the country to regularly check on the listings in their areas /​ join HappyCow themselves. Any suggestions from other members on how best to do it will be most welcome - to get started my method is phoning around /​ visiting the listed places at least twice a year to weed out closed businesses /​ collect new email addresses & website details /​ asking them to become "Friends" etc. Other veggie Internet Directories featuring Hong Kong /​ Viet Nam are almost useless - all the ones that I know of are many years out of date.


webmaster06/20/2007 09:05:28
Thanks Johnny!

If only all our visitors were as enthusiastic as you--- can you imagine the result- WOW!
johnnysensible11/30/2007 06:59:15
HappyCow England - the listings are so "thin" for England - I am adding / correcting some - it ain't so easy doing this from Asia - PLEASE add more England / UK businesses & Review the ones that you visit / know!
Vegan Society - Donald Watson - from England!
Interviewer : You were instrumental in the formation of the Vegan Society. Can you tell us about how that transpired? How have the goals of the group changed over the years?

Donald Watson: Inspired people can do much individually, but can do more with like-minded people. So I gathered a few such people together whom I knew would not waste time arguing for the sake of it. I know as a propagandist that many people do not argue to reach right conclusions but to defend their interests and religious shibboleths. We did not need a committee of such people. Of course, we did not always agree on everything. We argued for a long time about whether members should sign a pledge, before deciding against it. We also debated for a long time about the case of honey but again decided against it.
The Society soon widened its aim to include all animal exploitation, in brief to work for a new relationship with the rest of sentient creation in a symbiotic relationship if possible, to live and HELP live rather than to just live and let live.
Read the full Donald Watson interview on
johnnysensible11/30/2007 07:14:38
HappyCow Hong Kong - almost 60 restaurant / food businesses are now listed - the pages are looking OK - not too many Reviews are being written though - Hong Kong is blessed with 100+ veggy eating places in a just over 420 sq mile / 1,100 sq km area - plus of course some of the grossest displays of cruel animal products on the planet - cat & dog meat if you know who to ask - bear bile products in abundance - shark fins in every market to name just a few.
England's Price Philip quoted - "If it has got four legs and it is not a chair, if it has two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it" - during the World Wildlife Fund conference in 1986
rafael11/30/2007 20:53:45
I just took a look at HappyCow England. It certainly is "thin", England has so many more veg places.

Last summer I was there. I will add the places which I know over this weekend & I will ask some friends in London to add places which they like.
stig03/03/2008 01:52:13
HappyCow has really helped to make my stay in Hong Kong enjoyable.

When first I arrived I never expected to find so many veggy eating places / veggy enthusiasts here.

I have added a few places as I discovered them & I actively update the details for others.

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