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Links to video media

Posted by mkpurvis at 06/19/2007

I would be interested in finding links to free video files concerning vegetarianism and how meat-eating contributes to the slaughtering of animals. The files I have found at have been very effective getting friends to take the subject of vegetarianism seriously. If HappyCow could provide links to other sources, this would be very helpful.


mkpurvis06/19/2007 17:07:24
...I guess I should add (as a response to my own suggestion) that I know that there is already a link to on this site. What my suggestion entails is to have a separate menu item that collects free and downloadable media files supporting vegetarianism.
johnnysensible06/19/2007 21:29:21
Very good idea - here for your pleasure are 2 classics - MontyPython veggie restaurant spoof from 1970 - William Shatner (Captain Kirk) from the 80's - and here is a video catalog for free downloads - - more to follow as I remember them - John
webmaster06/20/2007 09:19:38
Nice Johnny, never saw those before! :-)
We'll consider adding a video feed page in the near future... thanks mkpurvis
webmaster05/07/2008 14:50:11
Hi, did you notice that there is now a video group on HappyCow?
johnnysensible09/13/2008 06:49:53
MontyPython veggie restaurant spoof from 1970 - new link -

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) from the 80's - better link -

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