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Do Animals Matter in Africa?

Posted by followthespoor at 10/12/2014

World Animal Day was on the 4th October 2014 - FollowTheSpoor was there and we spoke to a few participants who said that Animals Matter to Africa!
We raised the issue of there being this general perception, right or wrong, that only white people in Africa care about animals.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.



DasGehtNicht at 10/12/2014 06:42:07
I don't think that this event represented the real perception of african population. Foreigners can't change the country of other people.

I also think that animals suffer more in "developed" or industrial regions.
ahimsa32fa at 10/13/2014 06:04:51

I agree. It's in "developed" nations where most of the factory farming and animal "research" take place. Involving millions of non-human animals.

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