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Vegetarian Artist Inking Oinkers

Posted by elizahleigh at 08/24/2009

Despite the fact that I occasionally eat a little meat, I believe that all creatures great and small deserve respect and a good quality of life.

Perhaps I was born with the heart of a vegetarian, though, because everything about Artist Wim Delvoye's "Art Farm" rubs me the wrong way.

The native Belgian, who himself happens to eschew all meat in his diet, creates his livelihood out tattooing live pigs and then selling their inked skins (or completely stuffed bodies) to the highest bidder.

After reading the text of the article and looking at all of the photos, please share your thoughts on whether you believe this is art, animal cruelty, or somewhere in between.


starrynight at 09/01/2009 02:27:52
that is gross
emama at 09/01/2009 09:25:50
that was very disturbing!
SinEros at 09/02/2009 04:36:59
This is all weird and twisted. No ones a Vegetarian if your eating meat occasionally and also using other animals as your art work and killing them. Its f***ed up.

Veggie? MY ASS.
New2Veg at 12/08/2009 07:59:28
*shudders* Ick!

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