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What does everyone think of my vegan shirt

Posted by LaurenKimberley at 08/12/2014


StephenS08/15/2014 15:27:45
Very Nice - good luck with the campaign!

I hope we can see more designs and contributions in the future :)
The Hammer
The Hammer08/17/2014 06:19:26
Since you specifically asked for peoples opinion i will give you mine.

I don't like it. It is so drama queen "more than just a stamp". I prefer sweet vegan t shirts with cute and sweet pics of pigs and so. Not heavy and melodramatic.
The Hammer
The Hammer08/17/2014 06:23:58
PS. if you don't like my comment, don't get an emo melt down, just laugh about it, it is just my opinion and my taste of t shirt, not the end of the world. anyway, i still hope you prefer an honest opinion above a silly and insincere pat on the back.

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