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Posted by Littlemissveggie at 07/11/2014

Hey everyone.
I have been a vegetarian on and off for the last few years but finally decided to become a vegan after studying for my diploma in animal care and seeing the abuse animals suffer for human greed.
Did anyone else find the transition from vegetarian to vegan difficult?


ahimsa32fa07/13/2014 05:48:04
I did not.

I stepped away from consuming the flesh of other creatures in 1975, primarily for health reasons.

By 1985, I had learned the profound implications of the human attitude toward nature and the other animals...human health, the environment, world starvation and now, most importantly, the lives of the animals that die by the billions at the hands of humans...and I chose the vegan way of living.
elizabetsy07/13/2014 12:38:54
I was vegetarian for 35 years before going vegan two years ago. I only had to remove dairy and eggs from my diet and have not found it too difficult, at least at home (restaurants, however have become a challenge).
Good luck with your transition!
gemmaf9808/11/2014 12:48:17
So good to see I'm not the only new vegan here :-)

I was a vegetarian before but I decided to take the next step. I went to Whole Foods this weekend and I think this will be easier than I thought. I just need to get organized so I can have all the nutrients I need.

Does anybody have advice on how to make sure you eat all you need every day? I read somewhere that eating couscous with garbanzo beans already gives you all the proteins you need, but you have to eat them together. Any more advice similar to that?

ahimsa32fa08/12/2014 07:28:43

There are literally thousands of websites that offer detailed info on vegan diets. And most libraries have a number of great books, too.
StephenS08/15/2014 16:14:34
I didn't find the transition to be hard at all - but I believe that is only because I was entrenched in a strong Vegan activist community at the time of my transition from veg to Vegan. So I would definitely recommend this to others - if you can - find like minded souls, locally and on the internet.

Also - like ahimsa - I would recommend doing research. It's important to know how to take care of yourself as a Vegan, and it is also important to know how much bull we have been fed about what is needed to be healthy. The protein myth is one of the big falsehoods we are taught in a traditional mainstream diet. I highly recommend the book "Healing With Wholefoods" as an introductory step in gaining the knowledge to thrive on a natural and veg based diet. And besides that - keep researching on the internet and chatting with other Vegans as much as possible.

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