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Teenage Vegan here

Posted by Meme2012 at 09/23/2013

hi i'm Meme2012. i have been vegan for a year now and vegetarian 2 years before that. i have wanted to be vegan for a really long time now but my parents and family were strongly against it and didn't accept it. i am the only vegan and vegetarian in my whole family and it is difficult to handle sometimes.
i was very lost a year ago but then i met my best friend and she has brought me into her family who are vegan!


aiyanct11/18/2013 04:42:10
Try to tell your parents about the health benefits on Vegan. Convince them your problem they are your parents. You have to tell ur opinions.
KellyArt11/20/2013 04:55:49
It's hard being vegan or vegetarian when you're the only person in the family who is, but it's important that your parents understand how committed you are to the lifestyle so that they can help you meet your dietary needs. Just fixing a "normal" meal by their standards and letting you eat the parts that are vegan is not a good way to meet your nutritional requirements.

We are a vegetarian family with one vegan member, and even that is challenging at times! I find myself making mostly vegan meals for dinner simply so that the nutritional needs of one family member are met.

If possible, cook up some delicious vegan side dishes for your family a couple times a week so that they can see that vegan food is not so "weird". Your mom will appreciate the help in the kitchen, and you'll learn valuable cooking skills. There are literally thousands of vegan dishes online that even the most hard-core carnivores will love.
Happy wild horse
Happy wild horse02/01/2014 20:48:22
I am a teenager to I am 13 how old are you?
Anita Good Meal
Anita Good Meal02/08/2014 09:17:10
Good for you! I wish I could go back in time and do for myself what you are doing. You will be so healthy when you are my age!
Cheryl100002/08/2014 18:20:29
My Mom was concerned as well when I decided to be a vegetarian. I did a lot of research beforehand. If you are a vegetarian and ESPECIALLY a vegan you must take b12 supplements. There is a lot of misinformation out there about b12 like you can get enough of it by by eating vegetables grown in b12 rich soil but this isn't true. You need to take b12 supplements and make sure if you take the ones that say 'SUBLINGUAL' that you dissolve it under your tongue and swallow otherwise most of it just goes right through your system without being absorbed. You should also have your B12 checked by a doctor every year. Not trying to scare anyone, it's quite easy to get your b12, but it's important to know.
Happy wild horse
Happy wild horse04/06/2014 17:08:24
That is rubbish vegetarians and vegans can live fine with none of that and you don't need to go to the doctor infact people should not go to doctors because they are
evil and all they care about is money and drugs that are tested on animals!
ahimsa32fa04/07/2014 07:30:58
Sorry, but you are off base with the B12 issue.

You're buying into a myth perpetrated in ag/medical schools to support the consumption of meat.

I've been vegetarian for since 1975, and a vegan since '85, and have never had a B12 deficiency.

American doctors are notorious for their lack of knowledge in the area of nutrition, compared to many other nations.

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