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Any Vegan Lesbians?

Posted by BelindaHughes at 02/03/2013

Seeking friends to discuss vegetarianism and veganism. I found a community here, but I don't know what happened to them once I registered.


Cascadian02/03/2013 16:26:29
Yes! There are plenty of vegans in all flavors. The GLBT group that was on here was dissolved along with all other groups as part of the website redesign. You can still see the old group here: - at least for now.

Sadly I do not know of any Vegan Lesbian or even GLBT specific groups online...
happycowgirl03/02/2013 08:44:15
Los Angeles has a LBGTQ vegan meet up:

So does London:

Sadly, I don't know of any others.

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