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The chatroom is working again!

Posted by Chuck at 10/08/2011

Just want to let everyone know the chatroom is up and running. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Cascadian10/09/2011 11:16:44

Hiya Chuck & All,

I just attempted to use the chat room and while the page came up, it had serious errors that made it unusable. The text from previous chatters continued down the entire page, past the end of the chat box and I was unable to enter text or see if if anyone was actively chatting. I have never experienced this issue before...

Anyway, hopefully this is a short term glitch. I will try again later today and see how it goes then. :)
Soyabean10/11/2011 13:18:42
It seems to be down again today :( It was fine this morning, but this afternoon and evening, it's loading and displaying some old chat, but with the message "you must be connected to send a message" at the bottom - refreshing etc doesn't fix it.
webmaster10/11/2011 22:03:58
Just updated the code again... please try and report if you have trouble. Thanks, Eric
Cascadian10/12/2011 14:39:21
Thanks for this and all the great work that you do Eric! :)
Cascadian10/13/2011 12:16:49
As requested:
I just tried to use the chat and had the same errors as before.
emama10/25/2011 13:05:40
hey guys, i just tried to go onto the chat and its not working for me ;( sad day
webmaster10/26/2011 20:12:35
Hi Emama,

Please post details of what you're experiencing. It has always worked each time I try and I also usually see others in there. Thanks for your help.
Cascadian10/27/2011 10:55:26
FWIW: I am also still experiencing the same issues that I mentioned above - whenever I use Internet Explorer. I do not see these problems when I am able to use Firefox...

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