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Petition to end meat subsidy in the USA

Posted by Lz_erk at 01/23/2014

Hello HappyCow. Here's a petition I saw in the vegan subreddit. It deserves more attention than it's seen, so I'm hoping US citizens will help show their support.

This is an important chance to tell our country that we won't abide literal pork barrel subsidy.


ahimsa32fa01/24/2014 07:37:57
If it weren't for the huge subsidies for the meat and dairy industries, their products would be far too expensive for all but the very wealthy. I'm talking $30-40 a pound.
But of the course the very powerful meat and dairy industries have Congress pretty much under their thumb, while Americans believe they're getting a protein bargain at the grocery store. They're just paying via taxation.
happycowgirl01/26/2014 10:51:04
I second ahimsa32fa's comments. Very well said.

Please sign this petition. Once ur at the website you can tweet the petition or post on Facebook too.

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