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Why be vegetarian?

Posted by Scurie at 10/21/2013

I am not a vegetarian, why should i be one?


ahimsa32fa11/08/2013 07:57:32
It's good for your health, the environment and needless to say, the animals.

Becoming a "vegan" offers even more rewards!

There are countless websites that go into great detail about this...
missjones198111/09/2013 05:44:34
It does not matter what other people think. What matters is if you want to be or not. I feel better eating this way.
MrsGizlo01/14/2014 14:47:00
I feel awful taking an animals life away just because I need feeding, maybe you might feel the same way?
Happy wild horse
Happy wild horse02/01/2014 19:53:36
I have been a veterinarian since I found out where meat came from, you can get lots of meat free food in the supermarket and you can even get food that looks like meat but it isn't so there is no need for meat and it is very easy to be vegetarian and it is good for are health and the animals well being so I would sroungly advise you to be vegetarian!
ahimsa32fa02/02/2014 06:10:33
The dairy industry causes just as much suffering as the meat "division" of animal agriculture. And dairy cows and their calves end up at the slaughterhouse as well.

May I suggest the first of my books, "The Weaning of America"?

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