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The Mismeasure of Animals

Posted by TheMismeasure at 12/25/2012

First public release: Dec. 25th, 2012.
Facebook: Occupy The Wild

Here's the first paragraph from the creative monograph. ~John Lestat, Ph.D.

As the untold story goes, earth's most-influential modern human mismeasured the intelligence of animals and popularized his underestimations in the bestseller we ought know as The Origin of Species-ism, now applauded by most everyone who should know better as the ur-text of animal rights. As in The Descent of Man, Darwin put in banner lines and chapter heads his plain-as-punch opposite-of-modern-consensus opinion: animals were mostly thoughtless puppets on the control string of instinct, any especially brainy behavior was merely the imitation of an intellect, and human-level mental power was out of the question. Darwin's take on an animal's life in the wild was equally imperceptive: he declared starving to death good for all species, proclaimed full belief that wild animals don't feel fear, and praised his pet theory of Natural Selection for requiring a thousand generations of mortal violence to possibly produce what our Intelligent Selection easily does in breeding two chickens.


Longdrive12/29/2012 14:55:30
Some of our most respected and influential humans use their credos to argue in favour of their deep-seated judgements which exist within a blinkered spiritual vacuum. Spirituality and perceived truths are often ill-suited bed fellows and neither may be at one with reality as such are usually tarnished by ill-founded spirituality and constrained logic. So what is 'truth' and how should we discover it? Each of our own 'truths' lies within ourselves, and the level of such is greatly influenced by the nature of our motivations. Teaching and learning are essentially matters of self-discovery.

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