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Newbie vegan

Posted by RockabillyVego at 08/04/2010

I am currently vego and wanting to
go vegan does anyone have any
tips on foods or supplements etc


jive at 08/05/2010 03:11:22
A tip i've learned is to keep a list of animal ingredients handy. One such list can be found on this site. Supplements can be especially tricky; depending on which company is making the product, vitamins A,B,D and H can come from animals. To my knowledge, theres no database as of yet that catalogs which products and suppliments are vegan safe (as many are infact made from plant based and synthetic sourses). Untill one is made, its best to do your research and discover these things for yourself. On the otherhand, if your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, then there really is no need to take suppliments -except for omega 3s- but that is a whole other topic.
Laelia at 07/24/2011 21:07:34
Flax can help with the omegas. Another good food to try is kale, as it is rich in nutrients. There's an article about kale on this website at

Consider buying a basic vegan cookbook to help you get started; they often talk about nutrition in the beginning. Good luck!
kindlizard at 07/24/2011 23:27:50
Is that jive spreading misinformation once again?!
Walnuts and spinach for omega 3s. Eat 7 walnuts daily and you get more omegas than the cold water fish that possess omegas in the animal kingdom.
7 walnuts is easy and natural.
[jive, if you don't know, don't say; misinformation is more damaging than you might think, if you do.]
jive at 07/30/2011 22:44:49
Well thank you for the information kindlizard. Spinach and walnuts are indeed an excellent source of Omega 3s, as are flax seeds and kale as Laelia has mentioned.
happycowgirl at 08/01/2011 19:46:11
If you're looking for a good vegan multivitamin that won't break the bank, I've been very happy with the Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One Multivitamin. They sell them on Amazon. They're certified vegan.

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