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New vegetarian Political Group

Posted by mothersson2002 at 06/04/2008

There is a new vegetarian based politically progressive group.
Members can chatvia the chatservice in a private room.


mothersson2002 at 07/02/2008 11:22:46
Check out the new Political live chat room! Click on Political!
mothersson2002 at 09/16/2008 13:59:07
The vegetarian Independent and Progressive Group has many great links and we even have a video of a presidential candidate corresponding with an animal! No demeaning animal comparisons in this case!
Hope you check us out and join in if your passionate about 3rd party politics in this would be democracy:
mothersson2002 at 09/17/2008 14:07:03
Want to know who Roseann BArr is voting for in this 2008 election:
mothersson2002 at 09/18/2008 05:35:13
No Rosanne BArr is not veg but I wanted to pint out that she is supporting a Green Party candidate who supports the environmental values of many vegetairans. I was surprised!
It would be great if Kucinich was still in the race.
NAder follows some type of vegetarian diet!!!
I emailed Mckinney's team and the response is posted below:
Thank you for your interest.
mothersson2002 at 09/26/2008 13:05:26
For those who want open debates please visit our group:
mothersson2002 at 10/19/2008 16:15:02
Cynthia Mckinney of The Green Party is talking live now

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