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I had a cookie that changed my life today.

Posted by JuliaCatherine at 02/26/2008

I was at my local health food store today looking for vegan staples (organic veg broth etc) and they had these new organic, vegan cookies. I forget the name right now but i still have one left. They were 2 big cookies, i only ate half of one. I got them in ginger snap. They were totally more amazing than any cookie i have ever had. What a real treat. It even had some crystallized ginger on top. Just spectacular. I will have to find the name and post it later so you all can try it.


healthyjoann at 03/21/2008 12:04:19
Hi Julia Catherine, let me know the name of the cookies. They sound really good.
Have a great day.

liz5572 at 03/21/2008 20:04:26
Sounds a lot like Liz Lovely cookies- they are amazing. See what you think! ;-)
gr8vegan at 03/22/2008 12:46:45
Yep. those sound like Liz Lovely to me, too! She puts two in a package and you're supposed to share them but I end up eating BOTH!!! They are too good for me to resist! Hands down the best vegan cookies on the market. Hum its Easter so I think I can splurge and eat some :)

We got her chocolate covered Oreos for Christmas... Don't eat over 3 or you'll be high as a kite on vegan crack!!! They should be illegal! lol
alblaster at 08/02/2009 13:13:09
my local coffe shop sells these. They are good, but not cheap.
StephenS at 05/23/2013 22:31:12
Okay - I'm on the search for these cookies.
I also like ABC (Alternative Baking Company) and Uncle Eddys. Both a great Vegan Cookie!! Yum :)

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