Wendy O'Williams

Wendy O'Williams
Wendy O'Williams is a vegetarian singer of Plasmatics
Birthday: May 28, 1949
Birth Place: Webster, New York

Photo by: PicklesAddie

Wendy O. Williams, was the lead singer for the punk band the Plasmatics, as well as a solo artist. Her stage theatrics included near nudity and chain-sawing guitars.

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Posted on 03 / 20 / 2009
May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998(RIP) She stated that she is a vegetarian in an interview on British Magazine back in 80's. Here's a brief article from wikipedia that backs up the interview: Personal life Despite her reputation as a fearsome performer, Williams in her personal life was deeply devoted to the welfare of animals, a passion that included a vegetarian diet, working as a wildlife rehabilitator and being a natural foods activist. In one TV talk show appearance on KPIX's The Morning Show, she openly accused Debbi Fields (of "Mrs. Fields" cookie fame) of being "no better than a heroin pusher" for using so much processed white sugar in her products.[6] www.wendyowilliams.com

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