Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is a vegan musician of The Mars Volta
Birth date: September 1, 1975
Birth place: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Omar Rodriquez-Lopez is the producer, composer, and lead guitarist of the American rock group The Mars Volta. Ridriquez-Lopez was the former guitarist for the post-hardcore band At the Drive-In.

The Mars Volta music is categorized as progressive rock, with influences from jazz, punk, psychedelic, and Latin music.

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Posted on 05 / 09 / 2010
TMV is absolutely my favorite band. Apparently Omar cracked and started eating eggs because "at the end of the day I also didn’t take care of myself and I didn’t take supplements because I didn’t want to take pills, blah blah blah." He was a raw vegan for a while there. I don't know if he ever returned so he might be better classified as a vegetarian.

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