Morrissey is a vegetarian singer and songwriter
Birth date: May 22, 1959
Birth place: Davyhulme, England

Borne Steven Patrick Morrissey, Morrissey is an alternative pop rock singer and performer who became popular when he was in the band, The Smiths. He later went on to perform solo

Attribution: Caligvla at en.wikipedia


Posted on 04 / 19 / 2009
yeah.. meat is murder!
Posted on 07 / 13 / 2010
I looooooove morrissey,he is so lovely and amazing.Death for no reason is murder aka meat is murder.
Posted on 11 / 20 / 2010
He campaigns for PETA and is pro-animal rights but I think he is vegetarian rather than vegan. In a TV interview in Los Angeles he said he wasn't particularly a foodie and survived on cheese on toast!
Posted on 04 / 20 / 2011
Jon's right; Morrissey's vegetarian, not vegan.
Posted on 06 / 16 / 2011
You are all wrong, he IS vegan. He was vegetarian for a very long time though. Even after The Smiths "Meat is Murder" he stayed veggie. He has been vegan for quite some time now though.. He has said this in many interview in the past 10 years.

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