Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson is a vegetarian fictional cartoon character

Lisa Simpson is the fictional character from the American television cartoon series, The Simpsons. Lisa Simpson is the sensitive first daughter of Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson, sister to the mischievous brother Bart Simpson.

Lisa Simpson's character is a caring and intelligent youngster who plays the saxophone.


Posted on 05 / 18 / 2008
She is funny, she shows a good example for people who watch the simpsons
Posted on 04 / 09 / 2009
She is my favorite Simpson's character!!!
Posted on 07 / 09 / 2009
!! i feel so identified with Lisa!!!
Posted on 12 / 28 / 2009
i wonder if Lisa will become a vegan any time soon...she is bound to find out cows' living conditions and decide not to consume dairy. there's something for Homer to gibe her about.

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