James Cromwell

James Cromwell is a vegan actor and animal rights advocate
Birthday: January 27, 1940
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

James Cromwell is an American actor who became a vegetarian after playing his role in the movie, Babe (about a pig on a farm). Cromwell has also acted in TV, recently in the series, Six Feet Under.

He attends at some animal rights conferences. Married and lives in Los Angeles.


  • Vegetarian
Posted on 01 / 06 / 2008
I've seen James Cromwell in person a couple times. Once I remember was maybe in 2005, at an independent film festival in Hollywood. We both were in attendance for the animals rights movie narrated by Joaquin Phoenix - it's called Earthlings. I actually had trouble sitting through the entire film because it was so bloody. Anways, James Cromwell was very cordial when we approached him and said hello. That's all.
  • Vegan
Posted on 06 / 15 / 2009
born on jan 27...aquarius!

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