Heather Mills

Heather Mills is a vegan model
Birth place: England

Heather Mills is a former model and celebrity. She was once married to and later divorced from musician Paul McCartney (Beatles). They have a daughter together. For most of 2007-2008 during the divorce, anger and accusatory exchanges ensued between the two parties.

Healther Mills is a vegan activist who has spoken out for the rights of animals on behalf of non-profit organizations like Viva! UK and PETA. She once appeared on the Larry King (US) show with Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin to call attention to the systematic killing of dogs and cats for their fur.

In late 2007 Heather Mills launched a pro-vegan campaign in the UK with racy billboards. In the same year, she was a celebrity guest on the popular US reality show, Dancing With the Stars.

She wears a prosthetic leg due to a car accident.

Sexy Pro-Vegan Campaign in the UK: here


Posted on 08 / 15 / 2008
please remove this lady - it has been shown in the uk that she was only veggie for show (and was photographed etc wearing real fur etc).
rudi reeves
rudi reeves
Posted on 04 / 29 / 2014
I am happy to report that Heather Mills, became vegetarian and has been vegan for some years now. She owns Redwood wholefoods, now called VBites, a company producing vegan foods in the UK which has won 5 annual awards for being the UK's most ethical vegetarian food firm. She works tirelessly to promote veganism.

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