Chia Collins

Chia Collins
Chia Collins is a vegetarian businessman - founder - Lightlife Foods

Chia Collins is the founder of Lightlife Foods. The company makes a wide range of meat alternatives, using soy protein and plant-based ingredients. Lightlife Foods products can be found in the refrigerated isle in most natural foods grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, independent health food stores, and many co-operative markets. Their line of products include deli meat-alternatives like faux turkey slices, soy dogs, faux chicken slices, faux ground beef, and veggie burger patties.

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Posted on 01 / 08 / 2008
I don't know much about Chia Collins, in fact, I only found out about her on HappyCow's Famous Vegetarians list. In any case, we share the same first name which is totally neat. And I've purchased Lightlife Foods products many times before, including their veggie dogs. And my recent trip to the co-op market, I got veggie burger patties for my husband. They're vegan and contain flax seeds. Hubby thought the taste was okay.

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