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Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants: (40 Listings)

Bliss Cafe

  • Vegan Restaurant
3.5 stars 6 reviews
Ostgotagatan 77 (at Skanstull), Stockholm, Sweden
Open Tue-Sat 12-6pm.
Cuisine: Vegan, Organic, All Raw, Western, Take-out, Catering

Raw vegan cafe, since 2012. Offers a variety of raw food, snacks, and desserts; plus smoothies, herbal teas, and coffee alternative. Casual set up. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Lao Wai

  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 34 reviews
Luntmakargatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 11am-2pm, Tue-Sat 11am-2pm, 5:30-9pm.
Cuisine: Vegan, Chinese, Taiwanese

Small family run vegan Chinese restaurant near Radmansgatan tube. Serves green tea from its own tea farm in Taiwan. Moderate.


  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 6 reviews
Bondegatan 6, Stockholm, 11623
Open Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 12-4pm.
Cuisine: Vegan, Raw, Western, Swedish, Juice bar

Serves raw food lunch, smoothies, fresh-pressed juices and desserts. 100% vegan and free from sugar and gluten. Moved from Bondegatan 1F. Cash only. Moderate.


Cafe Fleminggatan

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 7 reviews
Fleminggatan11, Kungsholmen, Stockholm, 11226
Open Mon-Fri from 8.00-18.00, closed Sat-Sun.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Swedish, European, Bakery, Take-out, Delivery

Also known as Sattva's Eko Smak. This is an organic cafe on Kungsholmen, a 10 minute walk from the central station. Serves organic food, soup, coffee, soya latte, carrot cake, bread, with a variety of vegan options. Their own bakery, Naturbageriet Sattva, provides the bread and baking. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 24 reviews
Katarina Bangata 17 (at Tube: Medborgarplatsen), Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 12-10pm, Sun 12-9pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, International, Asian, Swedish

Offers daily dishes, coffees, teas, and desserts. Always at least one vegan dish. Located in the trendy SoFo area. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
2.5 stars 6 reviews
Fridhemsgatan 22 (at T-bana: Fridhemsplan), Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 12.00-19.00.
Cuisine: Lacto, Indian, International, Hare Krishna

Relaxed Indian-style atmosphere. Upstairs guests can sit on a pillow at a low table i.s.o. on a chair. Operated by Hare Krishna followers and re-opened in late 2009. Inexpensive.

Green Peas

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
5.0 stars 1 review
Svante Arrhenius Vag 10, T-Universitetet, Stockholm, 11418
Open Mon-Fri 11am-3pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Organic, International, Asian, Take-out

Multi ethnic organic vegetarian kitchen offering 5 different courses each day, with 3 being vegan suitable. Contact: Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Hermans Vegetariska Tradgardcafe

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 57 reviews
Fjallgatan 23 B (at Tube: Slussen), Stockholm, 11628
Open Mon-Sun 11am-9pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Buffet, Western, International, Juice bar

Stockholm vegetarian restaurant with harbor view. Features a sixteen-course buffet with changing themes for each weekend. Fresh juices include carrot, beet, apple, spirulina and ginger. Previously named Hermans Hojdare. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 45 reviews
Stora Nygatan 11, Stockholm, 111 27
Open Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 12-9pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, International, Western, Juice bar, Salad bar, Take out

Vegetarian restaurant in Old Town Stockholm. Relaxed vibe and mostly vegan fare. Serving global flavors like spicy Moroccan stews and creamy cottage cheese pancakes. Has wi-fi. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Kafe 44

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
5.0 stars 5 reviews
Tjarhovsgatan 46 (at Medborgarplatsen), Stockholm, Sweden
Open Tue-Fri 12-7pm, Sun 3-7pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, International, Swedish, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Cafe, music venue, and bookstore. Serves all vegan food and cakes; the only non-vegan items is cow milk put out for coffee drinks. Cash only. Inexpensive.

Martins Grona

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 4 reviews
Regeringsgatan 91 (at Tube: Hötorget), Stockholm, Sweden
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, European, Swedish

Martins Gröna is a small, homey, vegan friendly restaurant that is a popular lunch place. Offers usually 2 daily dishes. Arrive early by 11am if possible. Serves filter coffee infused with cardamom and cinnamon. Moderate.

Naturbageriet Sattva

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
5.0 stars 4 reviews
Stora Nygatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 7.00-18.00, Sat 8.00-16.00.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Swedish, European, Bakery, Take-out

A natural bakery, with also offers cakes and sandwiches. They bake organic, with as locally produced ingredients. Much of what they do is vegan and no added sugar, and they have also thought of those who are sensitive to gluten. Their lunch cafe is Cafe Fleminggatan in Stockholm.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 8 reviews
Varvsgatan 29, Hornstull, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Organic, Buffet, Swedish, European

Organic food restaurant. Vegetarian main dishes, soups, salads, and breads. Casual dining. Sits 50 meters from Hornstull metro station. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
4.0 stars 4 reviews
(at Karlbergsvägen 46 B), Stockholm, 116 31
Cuisine: Ethiopian, African, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Traditional Ethiopian food, which typically includes veggies, lentils, and potato dishes that are vegetarian and/or vegan suitable. Eat with your fingers from a large basket plate. Moved from Ringvägen 105. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
2.5 stars 2 reviews
Katarina Bangata 75 (at Gotgatan), Stockholm, Sweden
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, International, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Almost all of the dishes come with a vegan possibility, plus vegan desserts are available. Serves world food, plays world music and serves world drinks. Cozy atmosphere. Often live music at night. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
2.0 stars 1 review
Linnegatan 16, Stockholm, 11447
Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 11am-5pm.
Cuisine: Lacto, Organic, Asian Fusion, Indian, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Flexitarian cafe using mostly organic products and offers some vegetarian dishes. Features a glass case with some prepared foods as well menu for ordering. Casual, opened Jan 2014. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Blueberry Lifestyle - Sibyllegatan

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
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Sibyllegatan 15, Stockholm, Sweden
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Organic, Western, Raw, Juice bar, Salad bar, Fast food, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Coffee shop/restaurant with all organic food, a variety of green smoothies and mainly vegan and vegetarian dishes. Also sells health food. Has other locations in Stockholm. Has outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Cafe Soppatorsk

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
4.0 stars 1 review
Valhallavagen 53 (at Odengatan), Stockholm, 11422
Open Mon-Fri 9.00-21.00, Sat 12.00-18.00.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Organic, European, Fast food, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. A quick service soup restaurant. A combo meal consists of soup, toast, and drink. Has coffee drinks, free wifi, music, and HD television. Feb 2013 reported not all veg by happycow member. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Dennisos Pizzeria

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.0 stars 1 review
Asotorget 14 (at Gotgatan), Stockholm, 11862
Open Mon-Fri 10:30am-9pm, Sat-Sun 12-9pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Italian, Pizza, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Pizzeria with veggie topping choices. Vegan menu on its facebook page. Has outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Eat Ekoaffaren

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
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Tegnergatan 3, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Sun 10-18.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Western, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Small coffee shop inside an organic supermarket. Has a good selection of raw, vegan and vegetarian items in coffee shop and market. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.5 stars 8 reviews
Sveavägen 105, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri lunch and dinner, Sat-Sun dinner from 17.00.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Japanese, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Japanese restaurant in Stockholm. Has a separate vegan menu. Makes their own tofu. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.5 stars 9 reviews
Luntmakargatan 98 (at Odengatan), Stockholm, 113 51
Cuisine: Malaysian, Asian, Beer/Wine, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Has a separate menu for vegetarian dishes with around 10 vegan main courses and 1 vegan dessert. Offers cheaper veggie dinners on Tuesday but careful to specify no fish/shrimp/prawn paste. Reportedly under new management and has become less vegan friendly than before. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

O'Mamma Mia

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
4.0 stars 12 reviews
Kungstensgatan 62, Stockholm, 11329
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Italian, Pizza, Mexican, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Pizza restaurant with several vegan pizzas on the menu. Pizza chef previously worked at Tevere in Soder. All vegan products courtesy of goodstore. Large menu of pizza, pasta and Mexican dishes. Aug 13, 2013 reported open. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.0 stars 8 reviews
Nybrogatan 31 (at Tube: istermalmstorg), Stockholm, Sweden
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Buffet, Salad bar, Western, Beer/Wine, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Has veggie options. irtagården was formerly all veg but no longer as of June 2008. However, as reported to HappyCow (May 2010), irtagården keeps two separate kitchens and avoids cross contamination with separate pots and utensils used for each. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
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Tegnerlunden 4, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 11.00-14.00.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Chinese, Fast food, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. A dumplings restaurant that offers one type of vegetarian dumplings, one type of vegan dumplings, plus a few vegetarian side orders. Be sure to specify if you are vegan. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.5 stars 2 reviews
Ringvagen 145, Stockholm, Sweden
Open Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm.
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Middle Eastern, Fast food, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. A small hummus and espresso bar with vegan options. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Slottstradgarden Ulriksdal

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.0 stars 2 reviews
Slottstradgardsvagen 8, Stockholm, 17079
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Organic, Western, Swedish, European, Buffet, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Organic cafe in a garden setting connected to the nearby Ulriksdals Castle. Reported not all veg July 2013. Has outdoor seating. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Tensta Konsthall Cafe

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
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Taxingegrand 10, Spanga, Stockholm, 16304
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Buffet, Brunch, Non-veg

Serves meat. Veg options available. An art gallery has a vegan brunch the last weekend (Saturday & Sunday) of every month from 12-5pm. The brunch is vegan (although you can get cow milk for your coffee), but is located in the art gallery cafe which isn't vegetarian. As of April 2014, price is 150 SEK, one cup of coffee included (extra coffee is 5 SEK). Soup, salads, beetroot and lentil patties, lemonade, waffles and more. Has outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly
4.0 stars 1 review
Klarabergsviadukten 65, Stockholm, 111 64
Open Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 12-11pm, Sun 12-9pm.
Cuisine: Japanese, Asian Fusion, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. International franchise chain inspired by Japanese food. Vegetarian items are marked with a V and some can be made vegan, but likely has only 1 fryer for meat & veg. Large comfortable seating area. Food prepared and cooked in an open kitchen. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

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