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Krakow, Poland
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HappyCow previously offered this space for vegetarian events, vegetarian travel or general information for Krakow, suggestions such as hotel recommendations, travel agencies, or any other regional vegan and vegetarian related information.
However, this has been discontinued due to inactivity.
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Visitor Notes:

Subject: 'Vegan in Krakow'
Posted by flamekat on: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 07:52 AM PST
I spent about 10 days in Krakow in November 2005. I had a blast. Stayed at Nathan's Hostel, which has a kitchen, so I could cook up for myself. I also managed to eat at three restaurants: Momo's, Green Way, and Vega. Momo's was really close to my hostel, so I went there twice. Had the dumplings once, which were tasty, but kind of pricey. I also had the spinach and tofu pancake which was good, but don't expect a lot of tofu. They also have loads of ready made salads and stuff, and you can take them away as well. And there was vegan cake! :-) The atmosphere is really great, and that's why I would go back. Green Way was also really good. It's a Polish vegetarian chain. Brilliant. I can't remember what I had, but it was tasty. Vega was nice as well, but not very imaginative, and not particularly vegan friendly.
Krakow's a fun city to visit. The castle and the Old Town are great and it's near the Salt Mines and Auschwitz. My fiance (he's a teacher) is bringing a school trip to Central Europe this fall and is including Krakow cause he liked it so much and he has a lot of vegetarian students that need to be catered for.

Subject: 'Krakow taxi cabs'
Posted by Stevie on: Friday, March 30, 2007 at 01:40 AM PST
I should have added; Be careful if you take a taxi cab in Krakow. Some of them are less than scrupulous in their determination to make some extra money from tourists.

Subject: 'Krakow'
Posted by Stevie on: Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 12:21 AM PST
Krakow is a good spot for vegetarian restaurants. Most central is Green Way about 50 m tops just off the main square. There are 2 bar vegas and also Momo that are within about 10 mins of the main square. Momo located towards Kazimierz cultural quarter is the most vegan friendly and also makes a big play about being organic.

Subject: 'Vega'
Posted by Guest on: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 11:32 AM PST
Good food at great prices. But not very "vegan-friendly". There was only 1 item on the printed menu (vegetable soup) that didn't have dairy or egg ingredients.That's pretty much the average in "vegan-UNfriendly" non-vegetarian restaurants.

Subject: ''Momo''
Posted by Guest on: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 05:09 AM PST
Brits note: as well as tasty, inexpensive vegetarian food you are served a pot (yes a pot!) of real tea and not a tea bag beside a cup of tepid water.

Subject: 'Vega in Krakow'
Posted by Guest on: Friday, January 28, 2005 at 09:09 PM PST
Range of Polish specialties that happen to be vegetarian anyway (e.g. pierogi, golabki). Great value. Nice atmosphere. You get your food straight away at the counter. Only negative point is that the food isn't always very hot.

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